Flowers or Donations

When somebody passes away, many people look for a way to express their love for that person and the grief that they feel at their passing.

It has long been the tradition for people to send floral tributes in memory of the deceased. That practice continues today and we are happy to receive tributes at our offices on the day of the funeral so that they can accompany the deceased to the service and place of committal. Please instruct your chosen florist to contact us for the correct day and time to deliver.

We are able to advise on local florists who can provide tributes. You can also order flowers via Interflora if you do not live locally and they will instruct a local florist on your behalf. There is more information specifically about floral tributes on our information pages. Read more about floral tributes here...


As an alternative to flowers, or even in addition to them, more and more people are now electing to have money given to a specific charity in memory of the deceased. In this way a charity that has meant something to the deceased or their family may receive donations that they would otherwise not.

We offer a service to all our clients whereby we will collect donations on their behalf following the funeral. Read more about our In Memoriam donations service here...

How long from making the arrangements will be be for the funeral to take place?

This will depend on the funeral arrangements. A simple burial may only take a few days to arrange, a service in church followed by a cremation may take longer. Cremations generally take longer to happen due to the complexity of the paperwork involved. If the Coroner is involved, this can also add time. We will advise you approximately how long you can expect to wait for the service when you contact us.

If you have any important dates, such as travel plans, birthdays, etc. please let us know as soon as you can so that we can accommodate your requirements.

Does the funeral have to be taken by a priest/vicar?

No, it doesn’t. You can choose whether to have a religious or non-religious funeral. Either way, you do not actually need to have an celebrant involved in the funeral, although it is strongly advised. A family member or friend may wish to lead the service, and while this can be very successful, they will need to be aware of local rules and timings, etc, at whatever venue the funeral is taking place at.

Can the funeral be webcast or recorded?

Yes. At our local crematoria, webcasting facilities are installed in each chapel. This allows for people who cannot attend the funeral to watch online. Recordings of the service can also be made for people to watch later. Please ensure that you let your funeral arranger & minister/celebrant know if you would like this so that it can be booked and the details provided to you in plenty of time.

Can I have “My Way” played at the funeral?

Yes, you can. Nearly all churches have facilities for playing CDs, so you can simply deliver them to the church prior to the funeral and let the Minister/Celebrant know your wishes. West Herts Crematorium, Chilterns Crematorium and a number of others have a system where music is downloaded by them in preparation for your funeral service, obviating the need for CDs. For funerals at these crematoria, your minister/celebrant will book the music online in advance of the service.

Can we place personal items in the coffin with the deceased?

Yes. Whilst there are some limitations on what can be placed in the coffin for a cremation, you can place any legal, non-hazardous item in a coffin for a burial. If you are coming to visit your loved one in our chapel of rest, this is an ideal time to do this. Alternatively if you do not wish or are not able to come to our chapels, we will place the item in the coffin for you.