Many people choose to send floral tributes to a funeral in memory of the deceased, and most times the next-of kin will wish for some flowers to be placed on top of the coffin.

Floral tributes come in many forms, from the simplest single flower right up to words such as "Father" or "Mother" being spelled out on frames. Many other customised displays can be created by a skilled florist.

When ordering flowers from the florist, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Size. If the flowers are to be placed on top of the coffin, please keep in mind that there will be limited clearance as the coffin is placed on the hearse and also as it is carried into some churches or crematoria. We recommend that no tribute for the coffin is created any larger than 12" high. We also suggest that the florist contacts us if the tribute is to be long or if there are to be a number of tributes places on top of the coffin to ensure the correct fit for the coffin or hearse.
  • Delivery. The tribute should be delivered to the funeral director on the morning of the funeral. We regret that due to restricted space at our premises we are not able to accept tributes prior to the day of the funeral. If the funeral is very early in the day, please contact us or ask your florist to contact us to discuss the delivery. The florist you select will normally call us to ascertain the day and time of the funeral. Even if the funeral will be departing from a house, we recommend that tributes are still delivered to our premises. Tributes delivered to the house will need to be loaded into the hearse or following cars and may delay the funeral cort├Ęge.
  • Cards. If you would like to have a personal message on the tribute, you can ask the florist for a card. They will place it on the tribute for you and ensure that the name of the deceased is on the back so that the tribute is taken on the correct funeral. If you are delivering flowers to our premises yourself, please ensure that they have a card on them with the name of the deceased on. At our premises in Hemel Hempstead you will find stands outside with the names of the funerals taking place that day, and the tribute should be placed as close as possible to the correct stand.

If you live locally, you may wish to visit one of the local florists, alternatively you can order flowers from your local Interflora florist. We do not recommend ordering from non-Interflora florists (such as supermarkets or department stores offering delivery), as they often arrive with insufficient labelling to identify the correct funeral and are rarely delivered on the correct day.

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