When somebody dies it is not always easy to let all of the relevant people know. It is all too easy to forget contacts of the deceased who may not be a part of their every-day lives, but would want to attend the funeral.

For that reason, many people choose to have a death notice placed in the local paper (for the Dacorum area this is the Gazette). We are able to write and place these notices for you once the funeral arrangements are made. In this way you can ensure that everybody has the opportunity to attend the funeral if they wish to.

We are also able to place notices in the national press if required. You may find this useful if the deceased moved around a lot or if they had a particularly high-profile occupation.

We are able to advise on suitable wording, and can - at your request - write the notice for you. Alternatively you may wish to specify your own words, which we will incorporate into a format acceptable to the newspaper in question.

If you have elected to have flowers or donations in memory of the deceased we can also include the details about these in the notice.

Below is an example of a typical notice placed in the local paper.

Sample Death Notice


Obituaries are normally more detailed than death notices.  They are usually published after a person's death by local or national press to summarise and celebrate a person's life. The funeral director is not normally involved in them.

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