Crematorium Chapel

Funerals which are to conclude with a cremation are most often held in the crematorium chapel. These chapels allow for mourners to attend in person, or to view the service via a webcast or as a recording at a later date.

Crematoria will normally have facilities for recorded music to be played, and often an organist is available for hymns or other music to be played.

Crematorium chapels are non-denominational and are available for religious and non-religious services alike.


Whether the committal is to be burial or cremation, if the deceased subscribed to a particular religious belief, you may wish for the funeral to be held in church.

We will liaise with the relevant church to book a time and ensure the necessary facilities are in place, such as an organist or choir.

The minister of the church will contact you to discuss the content of the service, such as the content of the eulogy, choices of hymns and music, etc. and to ensure that the timings of the service and the committal are correct.

When the service concludes in church, you have the choice of attending the committal or not. Where the committal is happening a distance from the church (e.g. at the crematorium), many families choose to conclude the service in the church and move on direct to a reception. In this case, we will convey the deceased to the chosen committal venue and proceed in exactly the same way as if family and other mourners were in attendance. Many families ask the minister to attend the committal in their place and to say a short prayer at the appropriate time.

Alternative Venue

Families who do not wish to have a religious service, but do not want to use the crematorium chapel or graveside, may choose an alternative venue. We have arranged funeral services in private gardens, village halls and other private venues.

Recently we have arranged a number of funerals at Boxmoor Lodge Hotel. They offer various options for holding a funeral and/or reception in either their marquee or conservatory. More information can be found here...

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