We’ve moved to MuchLoved.com for online tributes & donations

We’re pleased to announce that in an ongoing effort to offer not only more services to our clients, but better quality and more richly featured versions of our previous offerings, we have selected MuchLoved.com to provide our online tributes.

This new collaboration not only makes it easier for families to raise funds in memory of a loved one, but brings new features to build meaningful, long-lasting, online tributes to a person.

Every family we work with can have a tribute page set up. The tribute page is the heart of the MuchLoved system, and is where the funeral notice and charitable donations can be found. 

In addition, there is the opportunity for friends and family to log in and leave their memories in tribute to the person they have lost. Along with virtual gifts that can be sent to the bereaved, virtual candles may be lit, perhaps to mark a significant date, or simply as an act of remembrance.