When we talk to you to begin the process of arranging a funeral, there will be certain key choices that will need to be made. It is often a good idea to investigate whether the deceased person left instructions or even a funeral plan to help with these decisions. If not, it is helpful to talk with family and friends to get a feel for what may be appropriate. When talking to us, you can then let us know what you would like us to arrange.

Questions we will ask, choices you will make

  • Where is the deceased person currently
    • If they are currently in a hospital or hospice, we may require certain paperwork to bring them into our care
  • Have you been able to register the death and is the Coroner involved
  • Information about the deceased including:
    • Date of birth & date of death, occupation, marital status, home address & address of usual residence (if different)
  • Religious beliefs of deceased
    • This will help to guide whether a minister of religion or a non-religious celebrant would be appropriate to lead the funeral service
  • Whether the funeral will be concluded with a burial or cremation
  • Where the funeral will take place
    • Will the funeral be in a church, at the crematorium/cemetery, or somewhere else
  • Will limousines be required
  • Will a notice in the local/national press be required
  • Are flowers welcome or would you prefer a charitable donation fund to be set up in memory of the deceased
  • For a cremation, what should happen with the cremated remains following the funeral
  • Choice of coffin

Key Choices in more depth

Burial or Cremation?

A key choice you will need to make is whether the funeral is to be concluded with a burial or a cremation. Most people know which option is appropriate, but if not, this is a decision that affects the statutory paperwork required for the funeral to take place, so a choice will need to be made before the funeral can be booked. You can read more about the choices here.

Funeral Venue

If the deceased regularly attended church in their life, you may wish for the funeral service to take place in church prior to either cremation or burial. The full service can take place in church, with the option for family and other mourners to attend the cemetery or crematorium, or to have our team escort the deceased there with family and mourners moving on to a reception to continue sharing memories.

Death Notices and Obituaries

When somebody dies it is not always easy to let all of the relevant people know. It is all too easy to forget contacts of the deceased who may not be a part of their every-day lives, but would want to attend the funeral. For that reason, many people choose to have a death notice placed in one of the local papers (for the Dacorum area this is the Gazette). We are able to write and place these notices for you once the funeral arrangements are made. Read more about death notices and obituaries...

Religious and Non-Religious Funerals

Many people find their faith to be a source of comfort and support during a time of loss. We are aware that within the communities we serve there are many different groups of faiths and beliefs, and it is for this reason that we do everything we can to accommodate the needs of people in those groups. We will always do our best to advise on the legality and practicality of any particular rite associated with a religious funeral. The local authorities are also fully aware of the needs of the different religious groups locally, and will cooperate in any way they can to facilitate the necessary rites. However, there are many who choose not to pursue a particular faith, and we are equally well placed to advise on the options available to them. Read more about religious and non-religious funerals...

Green funerals

These days we are all increasingly aware of the impact that our lives have on the environment around us.

We believe that what we do today should leave a lasting legacy for future generations, and that legacy should be a clean and beautiful environment. Read more about green funerals...

Further Decisions

There will be more decisions that can be made once the funeral is booked.

Music and webcasting

Music will play some part in most services, whether it be sung hymns or simply a piece of recorded music which the family or deceased has chosen. We are able to advise on appropriate music and acceptable formats for any funeral service venue when you make your arrangements. Read more about funeral music...

Floral tributes

Many people choose to send floral tributes to a funeral in memory of the deceased, and most times the next-of kin will wish for some flowers to be placed on top of the coffin. Floral tributes come in many forms, from the simplest single flower right up to words such as "Father" or "Mother" being spelled out on frames. When ordering flowers from the florist, there are a number of things to consider. Read more about floral tributes...

After the funeral

After the funeral service is completed there will be time, either on the floral terrace outside the crematorium or at the graveside, to view any floral tributes that have accompanied the funeral and to speak with people attending the funeral. You may wish however to retire to another venue following the funeral in order to catch-up with people. Places such as pubs, restaurants and other venues with function rooms are all happy to accommodate funeral groups and will normally cater if required. Read more about funeral receptions...

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