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In addition to supplying new memorials, we also offer services regarding the maintenance of existing ones.

Removal to permit burial

If you are arranging a funeral and the deceased or their cremated remains are to be buried in an existing grave, you may already have a memorial in place.

In these instances it is usually necessary to have a stonemason visit the cemetery or churchyard to remove the memorial prior to the grave being dug. In the case of Dacorum cemeteries, the stone has to be removed to a secure location (normally the stonemason's premises), where it is kept until it is safe to re-fix the memorial.

We will, if instructed, remove any memorial to our premises in good time for the grave to be opened and hold it safely until further instructed. Following the funeral we will write to you to ask for your instructions regarding the memorial. If we feel work is required on the memorial, such as cleaning or refurbishing an existing inscription we will quote for this. If you would then like us to quote for any additional inscription we will provide you with a full quotation for any work necessary.

It may be necessary to wait a number of weeks or months for the ground below the memorial to settle before replacing it. You can be assured however that the memorial will remain safe at our premises until such time as it can be replaced.

When we replace any memorial we always use fixings that ensure the memorial complies with all local rules.

Please instruct your funeral arranger if you would like us to remove any memorial to permit burial.

Additional Inscriptions

Most grave spaces are purchased to accommodate multiple burials, whether this be for full interment or simply for cremated remains.

In most cases a memorial is erected after the initial interment in the grave space, and room is left to add an additional inscription at a later date.

We are able to quote for adding an inscription of your choice. We will be happy to advise on how much space is left, and also whether any other work is desirable on the memorial, such as cleaning or refurbishing an existing inscription.

Once the work has been agreed, will will remove the memorial to our workshop, carry out the necessary work and re-install the memorial, ensuring that the new fixings comply with all local regulations.

If you would like a quotation for an additional inscription, please contact our offices and we will be pleased to advise you. Click here to contact us.

Cleaning and Renewal

Whilst granite memorials themselves do not wear or erode, over time they can become dirty, damaged through vandalism or abuse, inscriptions may become dull, or in the case of older memorials, the ground under them can shift, causing tilting or instability.

Memorial Stability

You may have been contacted by the local authority regarding the stability of an existing memorial, or you may simply be concerned about a change in position. In these cases we are happy to re-fix the memorial using regulation ground anchor fixings in line with the current regulations.

In cases where we have erected the memorial we are happy to provide a quotation and carry out the necessary work. We will guarantee the new fixings and workmanship for any work carried out.

Where the memorial was previously installed by another stonemason, we do recommend that in the first instance you contact them to ensure that any work we do will not affect an existing maintenance contract or guarantee. We will still be happy to carry out any work necessary, however we can only guarantee the work carried out by our stonemason.

Other Renovations

Where cleaning or re-lettering work is necessary or desirable, or other repair/renovation is needed, we will be happy to provide a full quotation for the necessary work. Please contact us and we will be happy to send our stonemason to make a full assessment.