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There comes a stage in all our lives when it’s natural to think about when we won’t be here. We wonder about loved ones and what to leave them. There are some things, however, that we wouldn't wish to leave them. This includes the worry of deciding on the funeral arrangements and meeting the costs.

Because of this, we currently offer a number of plans through our partner, Golden Charter.

We know that these plans will bring you peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be carried out and that you will not have left a burden for your loved ones.

Our staff will be happy to discuss your personal preferences and requirements from your funeral plan. You can make your wishes known now for every aspect of your funeral, or alternatively you may chose simply to specify your basic requirements, leaving the details for your loved ones to personalise at their time of need.

Plan brochures are available from our offices or alternatively you may request one to be sent to you online and will give you a good idea of what choices you will make. Once you've had chance to make some selections come and see us and we'll help you complete the forms to ensure your wishes are catered for.

Once your forms are completed you can choose either to pay the full amount up-front or pay by instalments. When your forms are received by Golden Charter you will receive a certificate of entitlement showing your selections. At the time of need you do not have to redeem the plan with us. If you or your family have moved or simply changed your mind there are over 2100 funeral directors across the country who will accept the plan as payment for your funeral.

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